Getting Here

The Pentacrest Museums are located at the heart of the University of Iowa campus on the Pentacrest. Use this section for help with navigation:

Getting Here

We are the Old Capitol Museum, at the center of it all, and the Museum of Natural History in Macbride Hall, directly Northeast of Old Cap. 

Old Capitol Museum
21 North Clinton Street 
Iowa City, Iowa 52242 


UI Museum of Natural History 
17 North Clinton Street 
Iowa City, IA, 52242 



Though we do not have our own parking lot, there are several parking options. There are many City of Iowa City ramps or University of Iowa campus parking ramps in the area (see links below). We recommend the university's Iowa Memorial Union parking ramp or the City of Iowa City's Capitol Street Ramp. Most on-street parking in downtown Iowa City is metered with limited times of 1-2 hours. Free street parking is possible outside the central downtown area, but will require a walk. To avoid parking, review other options in the drop down menus below.

There is a passenger loading/unloading zone on Jefferson Street, west of Clinton, on the northside of Macbride Hall. Please note, Jefferson Street is one-way, headed east.

School buses can drop passengers in the commercial loading zone on Jefferson Street, west of Clinton, on the northside of Macbride Hall. Busses may remain in the loading zone as long as a driver remains with the bus. Unattended busses may be parked in the University's Recreation Center Lot (lot #11. Hourly rates apply) or the Hancher Lot (lot #55 in a parallel fashion, nearest Riverside Drive in the lot. Free.). Once there, the driver may stay with the bus or join the group. Contact our Visitor Services Coordinator if you have additional questions about bus loading, unloading, or parking.

We are close to Iowa City, Coralville, and UI Cambus stops for many bus routes. You can find route information for all three bus systems through the Iowa City Area Transit Services website or the Transit App.  The Downtown Interchange (stops 0001 and 0002) is half a block away, on the south side of the Pentacrest, north of Old Capitol Town Center (mall).

The Macbride Hall (0120), Clinton & Iowa (1030), Clinton & Jefferson (7207), and Pappajohn Business Building (1021) stops are also less than a block away.

Bike racks are located nearby, just northeast of Macbride Hall and just south of Schaeffer Hall. Our campus and community are extremely bike-friendly. We encourage guests to explore our biking culture and the many biking resources we have to offer in the area.


Old Capitol Museum

The Old Capitol Museum's accessible entrance is on the southside of the building. Take the ramp to the south door and ring the bell. A staff member will open the door for you as quickly as possible. Please allow for a few moments as they may be coming from a different floor to reach you. 

Once inside the building, there is a centrally located elevator which can reach all 3 floors. 

If you are needing any assistance, please feel free to stop by the main desk or contact our Visitor Services Coordinator. Any of our staff would be happy to assist you.

The Pentacrest Museums have permission to coordinate and facilitate special passenger drop-offs, closer to the building than the nearest designated passenger loading/unloading zone on Jefferson. This option is available to those who need it by notifying our Visitor Services Coordinator ahead of time for more information and arrangement.

Museum of Natural History/Macbride Hall

The Museum of Natural History has a single level entrance on the east side of Macbride Hall, located next to the main entrance stairs. An elevator inside the ground level door allows access to all Museum galleries.  

Guests can take the elevator to the 1st Floor for Iowa Hall where they can find the front desk for additional information. Once ready to visit Mammal and Bird Halls on the 3rd Floor, guests may use the elevator to access.

The Macbride Hall Auditorium is in the center of Macbride Hall and visitors needing to access the northside of the building (to reach Bird Hall) are welcome to cross the auditorium using the balcony, even during classes. If you are needing any assistance, please feel free to stop by the main desk in Iowa Hall, or contact our Visitor Services Coordinator. Any of our staff would be happy to assist you.