Liz Crooks


Oversight of all Pentacrest Museums operations.

Liz Crooks has served as the director of the University of Iowa Pentacrest Museums since 2018, serving the greater institution for over three decades. Crooks holds an MA in Museum Studies and a Graduate Certificate in Book Arts. Her passion for museums was kindled through formative visits to the very museums she now leads with dedication. With her leadership guided by the foundational belief that museums hold in store something for everyone, Liz ensures that every individual, from her staff to visitors and even campus janitors, will find enjoyment and enrichment within the museum's walls. 

Liz’s impact extends far beyond the walls of her institution. A firm believer that great universities have great museums, Crooks serves as a state representative and on the conference planning committee with the Association of Academic Museums and Galleries. Liz has spearheaded efforts to conserve the museum crown jewel exhibit, the Laysan Island Cyclorama. This work has led to a deeper involvement with the International Panoramic Council where she has served as conference presenter, host, journal editor, and member of the heritage committee.