Sunday, July 19, 2020

Originally a larger choreographic research piece lead by Stephanie Miracle, Visiting Assistant Professor at The University of Iowa, you may remember we were only three weeks away from premiering MAMMAL HALL, a site-specific wandering dance theater adventure designed for small audiences at The Museum of Natural History before our worlds changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This performance and all of our in-person programming was postponed indefinitely.

Miracle, along with a team of graduate and undergraduate students from the Department of Dance had to let go of the project they'd been creating for months, but art making prevails.

The team regrouped via ZOOM and together developed an entirely new form through which their research might be shared. Part-podcast, part-radio-play, part aural-choreography, this is a listening experience for anyone, any age, anywhere.

The Pentacrest Museums are proud to present: MAMMALS in Captivity; A Participatory Podcast Experience.

In a fun and moving exploration of  ~what can museums become~, the University of Department of Dance presents MAMMAL HALL: a wandering, dance-theater adventure performance uniquely guided though prerecorded audio tours for small audiences designed especially for the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History.

A plié at the intersections of nature, history, past and present, movement and sound, MAMMAL HALL brings our attention to what we see and how we see. Mammals in Captivity is this project reimagined, with focus on what we can imagine and what we can hear. 

Mammals in Captivity

Learn more and listen here: