Collector: Bryan and Erin Kendall
Collection Name: Kendall Family PEZ Collection

Collection Statement:

"The Kendall Family PEZ collection includes hundreds of the familiar candy dispensers and a range of additional PEZ related advertising, displays and associated products. The collection is an interesting document of the last 70 years, displaying changes in manufacturing technology, marketing and popular culture. PEZ evoke a sense of nostalgia, as people can often remember receiving a dispenser as a gift or collecting a set of characters from a favorite TV show or movie.

My interest in collecting PEZ began when I started dating my wife, Erin. By the time we met in college, she had a substantial collection of PEZ, which has only grown since then as a new or rare PEZ dispenser has often been a go-to gift for birthdays and holidays. PEZ was a theme in our wedding and was used to decorate the reception hall and, of course, the iconic bride and groom dispensers sat atop the wedding cake."

List of featured collection items:

  • 45 presidential PEZ dispensers
  • 24 advertising PEZ dispensers
  • 29 Mickey Mouse, Santa and jack o lantern PEZ dispenser varieties through time
  • 27 vintage 50s-70s PEZ dispensers
  • 9 sports PEZ dispensers
  • 5 pop culture PEZ dispensers
  • 3 original 'regular' PEZ dispensers
  • 3 'psychedelic eye' PEZ dispensers with display case
  • bride and groom PEZ dispensers
  • 1 imported Japanese PEZ dispenser in blister pack
  • 1 PEZ mp3 player
  • 1 PEZ toothbrush
  • 1 PEZ cereal box
  • 1 set of 15 enamel pins
  • 1 set of PEZ magnets
  • 1 box of PEZ bandage
  • 1 PEZ truck
  • 1 PEZ dog treat dispenser
  • 82 varieties of PEZ candy packs

This collection was on display in Macbride Hall at The University of Iowa in the Spring of 2020.