Collectors: Celia Gonzalez and Rick Francis 
Collection Name: Funatic Funko Pops 

Collector Statement:

"What started as a small gesture of love turned into something more than I could ever imagine. My very first Funko POP was Snoopy dressed up as an astronaut for NASA. I remember seeing it at the FYI store. I thought it was so cute and adorable and my boyfriend, being the guy that he is, got it for me as a surprise a couple of days later. He knows I like Snoopy but have a deeper love for dogs dressed up in costumes. As Funko POPs came out with different genres we would go crazy trying to find the ones we really wanted. We have bonded over Funkos so much over the years. As Funko came out with the Pokemon collection we have made it our goal to literally “catch them all.”  

Our collection is not just some figurine collection, it represents part of our childhood. It brings back memories of being a young child and watching some of these characters on tv in the mornings. Our Funko collection also represents our relationship, three almost four years full of love, happiness, and laughter. As our collection grows, we grow with it.""

Featured collection items:

  • Music Funko's  
    • Post Malone (Knight)
    • Eddie Van Halen  
    • The Cure - Selena  
    • Jimi Hendrix  
    • Freddy Mercury  
    • Biggie in crown
  • Pokémon Funko's 
    • Caterpie  
    • Leafeon  
    • Dragonite  
    • Sylveon
    • Charizard (backup)
  • Icon Funko's
    • Tapatio man  
    • Smokey the bear  
    • Morton Salt Girl  
    • Target Dog  
    • Blue Clues  
    • Hello kitty (Backup)  
    • Twinkie (backup)  
    • White castle 
    • Snoopy  
  • TV/Movie Funko's  
    • La Llorona  
    • Evangelical 
    • Wall-e 
    • Eva 
    • Clifford the big red dog (backup) 
    • Winnie the Pooh