Panorama Conservation and Saving the Faux Terrain - Round Table (IPC Session IV)

Panorama Conservation and Saving the Faux Terrain - Round Table (IPC Session IV) promotional image

Panorama Conservation and Saving the Faux Terrain- Round Table [4 presentations +20 min Q&A]:

  • The Laysan Island Cyclorama Liz A. Crooks, Cindy E. Opitz, Jessica M. Smith, University of Iowa Museum of Natural History The Laysan Island Cyclorama, Iowa City, Iowa
    • Presenters: Liz A. Crooks, Director, Pentacrest Museums, University of Iowa, and Bruce Sherting, Director, Project Art, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
  • The Battle of Atlanta Cyclorama, Atlanta History Center, Atlanta
    • Presenters: Georgia Gordon Jones, Director, The Battle of Atlanta Cyclorama
  • Bourbaki Panorama, Lucerne, Switzerland
    • Presenter: Patrick Deicher, President Bourbaki Panorama Foundation
  • Jerusalem Panorama, Altötting, Germany
    • Presenters: Gabriele Koller, Jerusalem Panorama Foundation, and Ulrich Weilhammer, Weilhammer Conservation, Gangkofen, Germany


This event is part of a series of sessions taking place during the 32nd Annual International Panorama Council Conference at the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History. 

Day passes are available for local guests to participate in all conference sessions and presentations alongside IPC members from around the world on Thursday, Sept. 28 and Friday, Sept. 29, 2023. 

To register for Session IV, please see a full list of conference presentations and reserve your day pass for the corresponding date. 


DISCLAIMER: Members of the IPC paid in advance for conference excursions and dinners. These events are closed to the public and are not included in your day pass registration.  

Thursday, September 28, 2023 3:40pm to 6:10pm
Old Capitol Museum
Senate Chambers
21 North Clinton Street, Iowa City, IA 52240
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